Pope Celebrates World Day of Peace

The 85-year-old pope rang in the new year with a mass for about 10,000 people in St Peters Basilica on the day the Roman Catholic Church marks its World Day of Peace with initiatives around the world.He also spoke of peace after the mass, addressing tens of thousands of people who had followed the service from outside in St Peters Square.”A new year is like a trip. With the light and the grace of God, may it be the start of a path to peace for every person, every family, every country and for the entire world,” he said from his window overlooking the square.He thanked the worlds peacemakers, saying they deserve praise for working, often behind the scenes, tirelessly, thanklessly and armed only “with the weapons of prayer and forgiveness”.Peace marchers carrying rainbow banners released blue balloons in a sunny but cold St Peters Square as the pope spoke.

via Pope Slams Capitalism, Inequality Between Rich And Poor In New Years Message.

This article also reported that the Pope connected outbreaks of violence with food insecurity and the growing global disparity between the rich and the poor. I tend to agree.

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